…to which I rolled out the door and about fell over due to a flat tyre.

I like the way Rob and Antoine spell tire tyre. So, I’m rolling with it today:)

It’s Wednesday and that means Garbagacycle time.  Got it all together and went out the door, locked up and proceeded to mount up. But to my chagrin (what does that mean?) I about rolled over and off my bike. My tyre was flat! No air. What??

Back inside. Fortunately, it was the front wheel. With an Xtracycle, that is a blessing. And for some unknown reason today my mechanical prowess was not up to par. I won’t tell you how long it took for me to get the tyre off the wheel.

And the cause? Apparently my own stupidity.

You see, I had decided to use electrical tape as a rim strip on the wheel awhile ago. Well, it moved. Spoke hole exposed. Tube with hole in it. Grrr.

So, I added another layer of electrical tape. I seem to always have a roll of the stuff around. I got the wheel back on and everything all ready to roll.And out I went!

Fall is in the air in the Smokies and I have at least double the traffic to deal with. We call them the Leaf Peepers. People come from all around to see the fall color change in the mountains. And this means two things…

I do not have as much trash to pick up because the leaves have covered it up and I don’t stop at as many places for fear of getting creamed along the side of the road by the Peepers.



3 Responses

  1. Lots of leaf peepers in my town as well. They all come up from the cities to see the leaves along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

    I wonder why the two “automatically generated possible related posts” at the bottom of this post are:

    Drunk Irishman & Going Home Drunk

    Very funny picture…made me laugh!

    • Those related post titles are funnier than the post!! Maybe it’s related to the pic?? HA!

  2. If you’re really rolling with the Queen’s english you better start calling it autumn, not fall ;^)

    Not many deciduous trees in Auckland, out winters are too mild.

    (That photo made me laugh too).

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