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I conquered the nefarious (is that right?) cheapo disc brakes!

Yes, my friends…after last weeks mishap of dropping the bike, I neglected to tell you that I was trumped up by a cheap disc brake. For the life of me I couldn’t quite get the thing to not rub. There is very little adjustment involved in the brake caliper. You have to position the whole thing right. After I had clearly taken way too much time, I walked away and asked Rick to step in. Defeat was had:(

However…this week was different. I started with building another of the same bike and same @^#$%*& brakes! So, I stepped back and looked at the buggers. Yeah, like giving them the old evil eye might make them succumb to my mechanical prowess! HA!

But, it worked!!! Or maybe I finally figured out which adjustment to do when and tada! Got them both! WHoo hoo!

Next was a filthy bike.


And a not so filthy bike.

This bike’s main problem was a front derailler that didn’t shift into 3 and had a heck of a time going into 2. So, i whipped out my super mechanical skills (HA!) and fixed it. What a bit of lube and banging the chunks of grease/dirt/??? out of the derailler will do for a bike!

I’ve said this before, keep your bike clean and avoid repairing/replacing parts more often;)

Last night I had an epiphany…

Whilst trying to figure out what to do about my pedals on the XtraMonkey, it came to me unexpectedly.

You see, I had clipless pedals on it but liked being able to use platforms with regular shoes for the trash run. I had given away my platforms when I gave the Paramount to a friend. Do I buy a set of platforms or some clipless with the platform built around them? I really didn’t want to spend the money at the moment.

I decided to bust out my old 661 BMX looking shoes and put cleats on and continue using the pedals I had on the bike. Well, when I pulled the shoes out from under my be I found a surprise! To my delight the shoes had cleats already on, but they weren’t Time. Shimano. Wait a second! What did these go to? Oh…my old clipless DX downhill pedals with the platform around them!


TADA! Problem solved!


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