A long walk home.

And we have another installment from my antiquated mind…

At this time I was living in New Haven. My commute was 10-15 miles into the bike shop in Fort Wayne. Sorry, can’t remember exactly. And it was October or November. Which means it’s getting cold but the snow hasn’t made any appearances.

I commuted on my GT Zaskar with road tires for the most part.

And I was layered up, because my commute home was mostly in the dark. This means temperatures hovering around the thirties.

So, I was on the stretch of road that was between the city and New Haven. This section ran parallel to the river out in the country. Farms and a few homes. But, nicely it was downhill.

I had been riding comfortably the whole way, but as I started the downhill coast, my bike felt funny. Oh yes, I stopped and took a look. But everything checked out. Got back on and started down again. What?!! Now I was having trouble steering. Seriously, I thought I might dump the bike because I couldn’t steer worth a crap and braking made it worse. Got off and checked it again. I finally grabbed hold of the rear wheel in a way that made me understand. Apparently, ALL of my spokes had loosened up!! Seriously, you could whip the rim sideways a bit anywhere on it!! How did I miss this before??

So now I’m a pedestrian.

My next thought was that I’d stop by John’s house and borrow a spoke wrench. He was the manager at our shop on that side of town and his house was about a mile and a half away.

Uh, no one home.

Well, Shane’s house is up the road. He also worked at our shop.


Needless to say, I walked the rest of the way home. Two or three miles more, I believe.

Yeah, so, walking home in MTB clipless shoes is not my idea of a fun time!! At least they weren’t road shoes!

I have since learned to keep a spoke wrench with me at all times:)


4 Responses

  1. I hope it wasn’t a wheel you built Marla.

    • It was the stock wheel that came with the bike. But, I had been riding it a very long time and had actually worn the spokes out. I replaced them all and rode that wheel for a long time. I replaced the rims eventually, but the wheels with those same hubs are still rolling 15 years later!

  2. You know how do build your own wheels? Impressive…

    • Yep, 10 years in the bike shop will do that. It’s probably the one thing I like to do the most. Very relaxing for me:)

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