A new light!

I have attached a new light to my XtraMonkey…Garbagacycle…Xtracycle. It’s a fiber optic tube. As you will see, it’s on my down tube, but I have since moved it onto my forkblade. Fibre Flare.



It’s flexible to a certain degree. So you can put it about anywhere on the bike. Now, I do wish they’d come up with other colors! Oh wait! They do:)) Here it is. Cost? A little over $40.

Later kids…


4 Responses

  1. Ok now that’s pretty cool. It’s like an under car neon kit for your bike. Sweet!

  2. Yeah, thought the same thing. But it’s like LED’s so that the battery lasts for a long time:)

  3. Cool. I need one. Then again, I need to purchase every possible cycling related doodad I lay my eyes on…

    Welcome back Marla. We missed ya.

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