It’s about the position

I’ve been managing to ride the trainer almost every night. Only 20 minutes last night, which was a very low amount. But all this trainer time has been a bonus. My position on the bike.

I find that trainer riding is much more static than actually being outdoors. I mean aside from being attached to a non moving object! I don’t tend to move my whole body as much. And this lends to finding those little aches and pains of not having my riding position tweaked. A blessing of sorts.

Last night I did discover a major issue…in that my seat was too far forward. I was having some issues with my wrist and palm. And, as I rode longer, my lower back. So, I pushed my seat forward. Ahhh! It got worse. Moved my seat back….wow!! What a difference. My wrists immediately felt decent and the back relaxed. My legs felt a little odd for about five minutes. Then normal.

I may have to adjust the seat height a smidge, as is usual with for/aft adjustment. That’s tonight’s ride.

And I’m halfway through Area 51:The Reply! Gotta love my semi-pulp:))

Today I look for a postcard!

Not much to report on my Garbagacycle run. It’s dark and I have all my lights on just to look for trash, so I’m sure I miss more. I did have another volunteer drop off a key she found around HQ. So, I got in touch with our ViP (volunteer in park) coordinator who in turn talked to dispatch. I ended up at dispatch on my run to drop off the key in case anyone is looking for it.


One Response

  1. Yup, riding a trainer is always tough because your body moves much, much less than when are you actually riding on the road.

    I find it really hurts my behind.

    But I digress. Good to see that you are getting your training in despite the time change!

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