Holy S%^T!!!!

I made it into Transiowa V.6!!!


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  1. Congrats Marla! Now tell us all about your strenuous training programme to kick butt at the Transiowa!

    Brava. The first step is always the hardest. The rest is now downhill…

    • Haha!! Oh, not to worry. I’ll be posting the training that I do (my own warped version) here! I’m at the keep my butt in the saddle for longer stretches of time bit:))

      Downhill…I think I’ve got a little more uphill until I crest! But, I am excited by the whole thing. Thanks!

  2. Exciting stuff. Double your Twinkie intake immediately for extra energy.

  3. Wow, Iowa in April…gotta love it. Better throw out that trainer and get outside.

    Looks like a great roster!

    What bike are you gonna ride?

    • Yeah, I’ll probably have my trainer days and my day off will move over to the Park gravel roads. I’m not sure which bike…the full suspension Trek Fuel for bump action or the Pugs for large, fat tyre action?? Hmmm….will have to ride both for awhile methinks!

  4. Congratulations, I saw you on the list, You go girl

  5. Hey Marla, I have an idea. Why not do it on a cyclcross bike, that way you can push yourself a wee bit more…

    Haha, I’m a really funny guy…


    • NOw that’s just painful!! I think some people do it on cross bikes, though! Crazies:)

  6. Congrats Marla! I now look forward to reading posts about your training regimen. I need all the inspiration I can get in the winter.

  7. That’ll be lots of fun! good luck with “practice”.

  8. Wow! Congrats to you on taking on this enormous challenge. I’m anxious to follow your training progress. Best of Luck and Happy New Year!

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