Let the training continue!

I had a little time off the bike during our Thanksgiving time. Between work, spending time with the family and some scheduled events, I used the rest of my time off for sleeping.

So, now I have Pugsley hooked up to the trainer for some fiddling around of position and major time in the saddle.  Still undecided as to which bike I’ll ride. Ideally, I think I’d like a 29″ full suspension. But I find that there’s not one lying around for me to use!

Got to go get ready…having lunch with my dad.



7 Responses

  1. Marla! Get back to training!

    And ride the dang thing with a cyclocross bike… 😉

    Tell us more about your training regimen.

    Oh, and happy belated thanksgiving!

  2. What ever you do, don’t try it on a Pugsley. 300 miles on a Pugsley would be insane. I’d have to agree with Powerful Pete. A cyclocross bike is the way to go on gravel.

  3. Marla,
    I’m agreed on the cycle cross, I grind on a lot of gravel, with a couple different bikes. The quickest way for me to travel is my Trek XO2 cycleX. You won’t need the suspension, and a XC offers different body positions to help reduce the fatigue.

  4. Well…my problem is that I own a Pugs and the Fuel. I do not have anything else to ride. So, the Fuel sounds like the best idea, no?

  5. All righty, just checked out the fuel on your “stable” and yes, the Fuel looks like it can do the job. and your familier with it’s riding style, so go go go.

  6. The Fuel looks good. But this is an awesome opportunity to add another bike to your stable… as if cyclists really need a reason…

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