It is unanimous!

With input from 50% of my readers (the three of you!), it has been decided. The bike of choice will be my Fuel full suspension. That is unless I suddenly win the lottery…need to play, eh?…or a bike company feels the need to float a 29er to the OAF (me) for the duration of training and the ride…er, I mean race!!

Doug weighed in with a NO for the Pugs. And I’d have to agree, as it tends to rattle my brain. And if I let more air out of the tyres to compensate I’ll wear myself out on this one.

Pete is pushing for a cyclocross bike. And if I find one hidden around the house that I’ve forgotten that I have I’ll give it a whirl! Don’t hold your breath!

MrDaveyGie finalized the vote for the Fuel. He rides gravel all the time and took a look at my stable. The Fuel won.

Training for the rest of this month continues with BBiP (butt breaking in phase for any noobs). I’ll continue riding the Pugs this week, just to fine tune my position, and switch back to the Fuel next week.

I’m still not going to bore you with stats, other than time on the seat. But, since it’s about the same thing every day I won’t be doing a daily post. Well, unless something good comes along!

Back to the training room!


4 Responses

  1. I can’t believe you are not using this opportunity for further bike shopping. 😉

    But I will go with the majority re: the Fuel. Nice bike, BTW.

  2. Sorry, the 4th reader chipping-in here (I missed those last posts).

    I really like riding the Pugs on gravel, except when it’s mixed-in with sticky clay, but hey, I would say that. The Karate-Monkey would have been perfect with some comfy bar-ends but you’ve turned that fine steed into a garbage truck.

    So I say go with the double-boinger, but for gods sake girl get out from in front of the TV and get some fresh air when you’re riding!

  3. If I had the spare cash, I’d build up a Surly Instigator and put that in place of the Karate Monkey with the Xtracycle. The KM actually would have been my first choice, but I’m not taking it apart again.

    I may surprise you one day and actually get outside again! 🙂

  4. Yay for Marlee all us IOWAians wait.

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