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Strada Double Wireless…

I was thinking this computer may satisfy my needs. Looking for cadence and rear mount. And having it easily mount from one bike to another is a plus. It does have 2 bike memories. Seeing as I don’t have a computer on most of my bikes now, this looked good. Any other ideas out there? GPS is not appealing. As I believe it won’t help me on the trainer. You know, that not really moving bit! Correct me if I’m wrong, though.


6 Responses

  1. I use the regular Strada Wirless (no cadence thingie) and it is absolutely fine. Recommended.

    Do you really need cadence?

    • Hey Pete,
      I don’t need cadence. But I liked that it was wireless and could mount on the rear wheel. Those are the two main items required for me.

  2. Do you really need a trainer? Cadence!!!

    You are starting to sound like a repressed-roadie, either that or a serious athlete. I am seldom serious myself ;^)

    • Haha! I am sounding like that! Sometimes it’s just easier for me to ride the trainer. I live in one of the unfriendliest to bike places right now. Many rednecks with shotguns! I don’t need cadence, just fun to look at. But, I do need a computer for the ride in Iowa. It’s a requirement.

  3. Ciao Marla,

    Disclaimer: me providing an unsolicited opinion on the interwebz… 😉

    I think you should go with the standard wireless. Less stuff on the bike is less stuff that can go wrong. I know that you have the experience to not require a cadence thingie…

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