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Back at it…

and let’s leave it at I was sick combined with a couple of other things. Anyway, I am back on the bike and getting a kick out of seeing how many miles I’m riding. Or is it that I’m being demoralized at how many I thought I was riding! Ha! But being back on the bike is so nice.

I did shoot a quick, yet blurry, pic of the two headlights finally!!

The yellow blur on the left is my older TurboCat 6W headlight. It does not have any settings. It’s either on or off. And on the right we have the new 2W Planet Bike Headlight. I’m thinking it’s a little more spot than flood, but at the low setting here it will take the place of my TurboCat just fine. At the most, I may have to change the batteries once during the night. That was not an option with my TurboCat. It uses a rechargable block battery. 2.5 hours max. I’m not buying or carrying 3-4 of those to get through the night!

Well, keeping my butt on the bike continues. I’ll keep you posted once my rythm gets back!


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  1. Full steam ahead. Looks like your well trainnig the logistics, mind and body for TI

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