It’s warm out and that means garbagacycle time!

Funny, eh?

This paratrooper apparently got caught up in a tree. I don’t know why this amused me. But, I did put it on the strap so I could see it swinging around every time that I put trash in.

I did spend the last two evenings after work until it got dark out picking up trash along the road into our Park. This was Tuesday nights haul. Tonight I had an even more full tub. And it was full of mostly beer bottles. I was kind of surprised, seeing as after New Year’s the trash wasn’t too bad. This picture also represents the “group” of people that come to the ‘burg every year on the past weekend. And next weekend is a smaller group. No, I’m not saying who, but I will say that in general they can be some of the rudest people around. Not to mention theft generally goes up at this time in town. Strange?

Well, still riding my bike. Have made some other adjustments to my position to really fine tune it. I’ve now lowered my saddle a smidge.

I’m having some aching in my one hand. This isn’t unusual, as it’s the hand/wrist I injured in a hangar “accident”. But, as I was looking around at other endurance bike set-ups, I came across the Surly Torsion bar and wondered if that might give me a better angle than my current flat bar. I think it a 15 degree bend back. And, it’s a bit wider. Also have some other ideas in my head, but need to do a bit more reading on them for now.

February I am going to stat incorporating some of the Spinervals videos into the training.

All for now! Catch y’all later…


5 Responses

  1. The world needs more Marlas.

    Try a bar with sweep, my favorite (although they don’t work with most bar-ends).

  2. U make a wonderful example for us bicyclists. TY.
    Oh and you will have to ignore Iowa trash to keep moving at TI 🙂

    • Ignore trash? That could be my downfall! Haha! You should see me sometimes trying to get to another section of road passing by a section that I just did the day before. Sometimes I’ll actually stop again and have a conversation with myself about moving on, because I’ll get the section again the following week.
      I wonder if some trash company would hire me to ride around the US picking up trash along the roadways on my bike???

  3. Very impressed. Good on you, Marla!

    The yahoos out there never cease to amaze me. I could not bring myself to litter. Ever.

    And if you could come on over and spend a bit of quality cleaning up time in the parks and along the road outside of Rome, it would be greatly appreciated!

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