Long time no blog!

As the Earth keeps making a trip around the Sun, time slips away too fast. And my life seems a little unexciting.

I continue riding my bike, perfecting my position for comfort and to accomodate my hand aches. But, I just can’t get my self to post about training. Why? I’m boring. But, that’s okay for now.

Work has consumed a bunch of my time, including when I’m home. I’ve been using this time to work on our website. I believe this may be a huge reason time flies by without my notice! If I could just work on the computer while riding my bike on the trainer. Talk about multi-tasking!

Once in awhile I do slip outside in the middle of the night. Why? I’ve been possessed with the idea of the snowdance. But to little avail! This weekend I only managed to conjure up a dusting at higher altitude. Any ideas on this front would be appreciated. Ha!

Back to the bike…I have hit a point where I almost crave spending time riding nowhere. Sick?

Have a lovely night (or day in other lands). Til next time!


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