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Wouldn’t this be cool?

I think it would be awesome to ride one of these to and from work. It’d sure freak out the tourists!! If anyone at GO ONE is reading, feel free to contact me! My 6….that’s what I said….6 dedicated readers I’m sure are behind me in this!

In fact, I’d like to take it one step further and be able to tour around the country in one. Hmmm….


5 Responses

  1. I concur. I’d like one of those for my 42 mile one way commute through glacier formed drumlins and kettles. I’d be interested, if anyone rides one of these beautiful specimens, to know what they think.

  2. I’d need the stretch-limo version to fit my legs in.

  3. <–follower of the Marla Gnarla. And YES!!!. that would be a blast to own that. I would love to ride that in the rain, with stereo built in.

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