Dear Go One,

My name is Marla and I am an overweight, asthmatic flatlander who works in Sevier County, Tennessee. You know, Dollywood? Oh yeah, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park?

Well, I live just across the county line, therefore my commute to work is between 30 and 35 miles each way. The shorter route involves doing the tango with vehicles from basically 80% of the country because we are within a one day drive of most of it. (That’s what they tell me.)

Yes, it’s scary. And to add to it there is construction going on. But I digress.

Can you see my vision? Riding a bright colored and enclosed (we do have rain here) Go One from the edge of my neighboring county through Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and on to Gatlinburg. Most of this along the main road, 441, through the county.

And judging by my 6 rabid (yes, they foam at the mouth) blog readers and 21 Twitter followers, I can cover quite a few potential customers, yes?

So, if you’re in the mood and happen to have a spare Go One (heck, scratch and dent  works!) feel free to send it my way!

Imagine…Dollywood +corn dogs +Go One=well, I don’t know. But it could be big!! What a combo, you think?

Yours truly,

Marla Gnarla-the Gatlinburg Spokejunkie


3 Responses

  1. Maybe we should start a facebook fan page “Get Marla a Go One”

  2. Well, ummm, did you ever think you might have thousands of dedicated followers who never comment? I’m just saying.

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