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Montana Cycling…

Had a good chat with Mark, the owner, we’ll see! Montana Cycling looks like a really awesome store. Opening this May. He has a really good focus on the community and advocacy in cycling there. And it sounds as if bicycling infrastructure is coming around.

The store will not only have the retail and service side, but a cafe and soon a spinning/fitness area. He said that he wants his store to be a place where others can feel free to hang out. I must say…that’s a huge bonus to a store when you’re on the consumer side.

Added bonus…Yellowstone NP is nearby! May be able to still do the volunteer thing!

And I’d really like to live in Montana!


3 Responses

  1. Marla, that sounds like a totally awesome place from every aspect. Good luck.

  2. good luck. first time for us out west this past summer (to Black Hills) and loved the area, so I’m sure Montana/YSP is even grander.

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