Tennessee really does have mangy mutts.

So, as I eluded to in the previous post, I do know of one dog just off my route to ride my bike to work.

After looking at the original post from that day of riding, I noticed that I didn’t even mention the dog.


I had ridden to the dam at Douglas Lake and felt so good that I continued on towards Sevierville. Pleasant, rolling hills were on the menu. And pastures with cows along the way.

There’s a blind curve a few miles up the road where vehicles come around it so fast until they realize they can’t really make it and slam on the brakes. Most make it. However, I know the road to use to bypass this curve. And I had driven it before when trees fell on the road in a storm. No problems that I knew of, but we all know how that works once you’re on a bicycle!


I’m riding this not even 1/2 mile detour and come around the curve.

Have you ever seen those old abandoned shanties with partial vehicles and trash all over the yard? And you thought no one lived there. Well, so did I. And all the way up until I could see the front porch and heard noise coming from inside I believed no one was there.

And when that lump of trash in the front yard started to get up, I realized my grave error. The horror of discovering Cujo was indeed alive!

Really, Cujo?

I don’t know….how do you describe a bag of nasty, matted fur that seemed to be foaming a bit?

I think Cujo may have been egged on by the occupants of the shanty. We all know the Cujo’s of the world need no outside influence to chase a bicycle other than it’s there and raring to go!

I hauled ass!

You didn’t think an OAF on a Pugs could ride that fast, but I did. And thank goodness said dog was typical of the area. It didn’t give chase for long.

Once I calmed down a little…further down the road I might add…I had flashbacks to some X-Files episodes.

I leave that for you to figure out!


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