First, last and only…

Cades Cove Loop Lope was run yesterday at the buttcrack of dawn!

Yes, as part of the celebration of Cades Cove finally getting repaved, the Park allowed both a 3 and 10 mile run. The event was put on by Friends of the Smokies and Holly (event planner extraordinaire) reported that $35,000 was raised! Not bad considering she was given 3 weeks to put it together.

I was stationed at the Cable Mill in the back of the loop at the hydration station.

This, of course means that we would be the last out. We had to wait until the last runner was finished before we were allowed on the road again. And we weren’t allowed to drive the loop backwards.

I was given a Park radio to listen for the call. And to call our Park Ranger if anything was needed.

So, one cool thing was that we had three volunteers on bicycles kind of sweeping the road and to let all stations know when the last runner was by. They also took our remaining cups to give to the next station, as they had run out.

All was well, until after they left our station two more runners came by.

They had to use their hands to drink…fortunately they were cool with it.

I tried to use the radio to call the Ranger about the fact that there were two runners behind the bikes.

My radio was dead.

This could have not ended well, as in order to be released to drive the road we needed the radio to find out. And did I mention there is no cell coverage in the Cove?

However, the fire/EMT crew was given a Park radio as well. And they were at our station. And 20-30 minutes later we finally made contact with the Park.

We ended up waiting about an hour before we could leave our station. But with this view, it wasn’t hard to pass the time!


2 Responses

  1. Looks like you at least had a beautiful day for it, and your right, with that view, passing time would be easy to do.

  2. ‘Tis true. If you ever find yourself down here, you must ride the loop.

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