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Stumped no more!

I have found that when we are stumped about how to do something at the shop, I’ve become a semi-whiz at finding the info online.

Like today, we got in a Klein Attitude from the mid-nineties. You know, with the MC2 control system. Read…obsolete and strange headset.

Having never worked on one, we were guessing at how to get the thing apart. Then when we thought we had it, the big nut on top stopped turning. Cut to me on the computer…

and I found a tech manual in English on a Japanese Klein website!

And the information was exactly what we needed!

So there you go. As I find interesting and helpful info about bikes online, I’ll post links and such.

Monday night, which was technically just 37 minutes ago, I went to about the best Smokies baseball game so far. Had to leave at the top of the 7th inning, but the bottom of the sixth was awesome! Hope to find out if the Smokies eventually won.


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