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Grease is the word.

Before I get into the post, I just saw that I had 80 hits on here yesterday. That’s odd?!

So, back to my train of thought!

Today I checked in a bike, a brand from a big box store that used to be THE bike to have as a kid. Anywho, as I am getting ready to put it in the stand I try to put the seat up.


After a few minutes of cursing (thank goodness no one was in the shop) I got the thing to raise up out of the frame. The post had a nice light coating of rust. This bike is not very old.

You may ask, why do I care?

For completely selfish reasons. I do not wish to waste most of my time while tuning or repairing a bike on the job of trying to get the seatpost to come out of the seattube. Simple.

I guess the big box “mechanics” have to skimp. I heard from a customer last week that in talking to one of those guys he learned that they had to build 10 bikes per hour. Wow!

Most bikes that I build take me at least an hour. Yes, I true both wheels, grease all the little bits (cables, bolts, QR’s, pedal threads,etc.), make sure all bearings are set correctly, gears and brakes actually work properly, bolts torqued, tires pumped up, etc. But, what bike shop doesn’t do this?

I guess that’s why we do get brand new off the floor big box bikes in for immediate tune-ups!


5 Responses

  1. WOW! Unbelievable. I wish I knew how to take care of everything on my Fisher, but at least what I don’t know, I get done at my LBS at least once a season. Sure the big box store can sell you a bike for $150.00, but it’s worth paying a little more for quality, especially when a lot of LBS offer lifetime service if you buy the bike there. Amazing.

  2. Good grief, Gnarlee, 80 hits, you’ll be going syndicated soon. 🙂 Geeesh I Remember when you thought I was 1/6 of your readers. Bravo.

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