Big Box Bikes…

a little series.

I continue with observations while working on big box bicycles.

So, we have learned that most big box bikes need a tune-up after purchase. It would seem (and I do know this from my personal experience of working at a smaller big box many moons ago, though I didn’t work on the bikes) that most of your big box “mechanics” are also the same people putting together the grills and other things requiring assembly. Not always, as I have witnessed at a big box located directly across the street from my shop up north. However, that does not seem to be the norm.

You may ask, after a tune-up, what is the next thing one could do to make their riding a big box bike more enjoyable?

Buy a longer seatpost!

That’s right. Pull that thing out. Note how short it is. Look on it for a number stamped into it. Should look something like 27.2.

But you’re asking, how will I know if I need a longer seatpost? Simple. Put the post at the highest height in the bike. Make sure you are not seeing the minimum insertion lines. Those should be in the bike’s seat tube. Now, sit on the bike.

Are you sitting there on the seat with your feet flat on the ground?

Do you knees about hit you when you’re riding?

Then you need a longer seatpost.

It is rare that a big box store stocks more than one size of any model of bike. One size fits most, yet if you are an adult this method usually doesn’t apply.

And by size, I mean frame size. Not wheel size.

Well…now that you have spent roughly $30-40 or more on a tune-up and $15-30 on a seatpost, our grand total after purchase of a big box bike (bike not included) is $45-70.


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