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Facing my nemesis!

And it was a 1988 Trek 900.

It came in a few weeks ago with a stripped fork. An old 1″ threaded steel type. No problem, right? So, we ordered one from J&B.

The fork came in and the threads weren’t down far enough for the small headtube. I can’t remember why now, but we ordered another fork, maybe thinking it was a shorter steerer tube? Hmm…

Well, anyway, it ended up being the same in every which way but that it was black.

Back to square one. We needed a dye tool to thread it down far enough, which we didn’t have. Fast forward a week and we have a new tool in the shop and a friend at a local dealership had threaded the fork for us.

Well…now it was time to put the headset on. And when one of the pieces was threaded down, it was a little loose. Once it got down to the newly cut threads it actually didn’t make any contact! So, it would turn out the headset was a bit stripped, too.

Okay, so put a new one on. Except for the fact that the only 1″ headset is actually for a BMX bike. Argh!

Order 1″ MTB headset……wait….wait…wait.

Forward to the day the headset arrives. It installs quite nicely and the fork fits snug. Yay! After I put the stem and handlebars back on it’s time to put the cantilever brake one.

I put the side not still attached to the cable in a ziplock baggie. I taped the other one up so as not to lose any pieces. I can’t find a crucial spring…

20 minutes looking for the thing all over the store and trying to come up with anything in our parts box, I look down at the rear wheel and see the spring hanging on the derailler cable! How’d that happen?

Suffice it to say, the bike is all together and working perfectly! Whew!

Now, onto nemesis #2…

Brought in around the same time as the 900, this Proflex with Girvin suspension fork has a flat rear tire and is in for a tuneup. Simple, eh?

As I was adjusting the front brake pads I find the brake boss has separated from the fork. After spending some time on the internet, I find that Proflex must not be around, or at least not in the US.

After some time, we found a 1″ threadless suspension fork from RST. You order the fork and then order the steerer tube separate from each other. And because the headset was specific to the Girvin fork, we had to order a new 1″ threadless headset to use with a normal suspension fork.

Did I mention how fun the Girvin fork was to get off? Ha!

So, said RST fork, steerer and headset come in.

Oh my…so the headset is actually 1 1/8″ with a reducer to 1″ for the Girvin fork. Argh!!

I have learned a valuable lesson. CHECK THE HEADSET INNER AND OUTER DIAMETER!!!

Fortunately, we have 1 1/8″ threadless headsets in…however now I need to order a 1 1/8″ RST steerer tube for the fork!

It looks like Monday I will be finishing  the Proflex. Due to the flooding in Memphis the order was held there for 4-5 days!

Disclaimer…I actually like these problems and seeing a troublesome bike completed. Maybe not two at the same time!

UPDATE: So, my 80 hits two days in a row was a fluke. No idea why it happened. I continue to entertain, or try to, my 6 faithful readers;)

One Response

  1. Mutiply by 20 for every comment for all the readers who don’t comment. Says “one of the faithful”
    Your wrench’n skills are going to get better and better with all those challenges. Wish I knew more wrench’n but I learn as time goes on.

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