Cades Cove

Finally had a Saturday off, so I met the Blue Smoke Coffee boys at the entrance to the Cades Cove loop to ride the new road.

About 15 minutes into the ride, the bike patrol stopped us due to this…

a young bear eating along the side of the road. Apparently, it was getting agitated by all the bikes going by. So, we stopped and waited with a few friends…

and as the minutes went by a few more friends stopped with us.

Hey, I count myself as lucky to get to sit and watch a bear not being harassed while eating. We continued on.

With the new road, it was wonderful. You didn’t have to worry about the potholes anymore. Both going down hills and up. Sometimes the up would be harder due to bikers stopping all over to walk up. It left little room to keep riding because you were blocked by walking bikers and the open spots were filled with potholes. And it’s smooth!

So, by the end of the loop I was beat.

And slap happy it would seem!


Well, this past week our Park was in the news again. And a ton of people are up in arms. It seems a photographer on the Laurel Falls trail chased around a bear and ended up getting inches away from her to get the “perfect” picture when the bear bit his foot and left a puncture so small that no medical treatment was required.

Now “Laurel”, a 60 pound and very young female will pay the ultimate price by being put down. Park rules dictate any bear having human contact like this be euthanized, as it has learned a bad habit. However, the photographer so far has gotten off free. Makes me wonder, signs  posted at all entrances state not to feed or harass animals in the Park. I believe they state anyone doing so may be fined.

Whatever side of the coin you fall on, my belief is to fine this person. I think that would deter a lot of the crazy stupidity that goes on. Not all of it, I’m sure. I also encourage people to volunteer in our Parks. Seeing as the paid staff is fairly lean, this frees them up by not having to do some of these tasks we can do.

Well, that was my weekend!


2 Responses

  1. Yeap, he should have left that bear alone. WoW, seems like quite a bicycling community, with all those bikers.

    • I wish it was this way all the time. It’s a lot of tourists on Saturday morning when the Park closes the road to all but foot and bike traffic. It is very cool to be around all the bikes, though!

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