My bike…of the week.

Yep, my new Specialized Crosstrail Sport.

I can still fly a flag off the seatpost. Don’t ask, it just works for me.

I spent Memorial Day weekend with my aunt and uncle here. We rode our bikes everyday. They were shorter ides, but two or three times each day.

Fun was had by all!


6 Responses

  1. Marla, did you buy that new? Looks like a great multipurpose bike with triple chain ring, shocks and cross tires. TI 2011 perhaps. 🙂

    • Yes to all. It’s new, but I put a few of my own parts on it. Saddle, seatpost, stem pedals, grips and bags.

  2. I’m going to ask… I’m guessing it’s because you’re woman (certainly look like one in the photos ;^)

    Woman = shorter reach + small frame + long seat post = fit

    Otherwise you end up with a short stem and funny steering/weight distribution.

    I could be wrong

    – Antoine

    • Yes, I am:) I guess that’s why. We (the female persuasion) generally have long legs and short torsos, opposite of you guys. Plus, for many years I rode trials (not very good, mind you) and always went toward the smaller frames if in between. I tried the next size up in a frame and just could not get comfortable.

  3. Trials, respect! I’ve had a few goes on trials motorbikes, those things can go anywhere.

    • I had friends who rode the trials motorcycles. Never was able to afford one. I just did the bike trials, which was probably a good thing considering my crashing or falling over ability!

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