is here! And so is the help at the shop. Therefore, I’ve moved over to sales and ordering with back-up bike building, etc. I also had the joy of wiping two old hard drives to donate….makes my eyes twitch!

But on to today’s ride and day off!

We rode out at Cades Cove again. I took my Crosstrail and was very pleased with how it rode. There is a lot less drag happening than riding the Pugs!

Above, we stopped at the Methodist (I think) Church graveyard. Lots of pretty flowers.

I went with Bobby (BSC boy) and Ken (usual suspect on Monday night rides) this time. Ken was nice and rode slow in a big gear or went ahead and then waited or rode back. We all thoroughly enjoyed the morning. Okay, I don’t enjoy mornings. And I wasn’t amused at getting up at 5AM to ride at 7AM. I believe riding a bike is possibly the ONLY thing that will get me up in the wee hours.

FYI,Wednesday’s are not nearly as busy as Saturdays in the Cove. I’m sure you probably could have guessed that.  These are the two days the Park closes the loop until 10AM for bikers and hikers.

Animal sitings…many, many deer and turkeys were in the fields. I don’t even count them anymore. Ken (the usual suspect) saw a fox pop out of the woods followed by turkeys. I would have thought that was backwards, but it wasn’t.

At another field, Bobby and I watched three deer make their way through the barbed wire fence to go across the road. Yep, they had to wiggle through the space between the wire! I think they have done this before! I should have taken a picture of that!

One the second half we were coming down a hill and saw a bunch of people stopped. Can you guess? So, as we passed we noticed that a few people were yet again way too close to the mama bear and her two cubs. Yes, I did say something as I went by, nothing rude.

Once we finished, we made our ritual Thunderhead Perk stop. Oh, btw, I saw a guy in a Fat Cyclist jersey come in to the coffee shop. Didn’t get a chance to say hi. Townsend, where the place is located, has a nice bike and walking path along both sides of the highway all the way through town.

I then headed for home, where I proceeded to take a long nap!


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