A Fisher-man takes a Trek.

NEWSFLASH: This just came across the newsdesk at Gnarlee’s World HQ….Apparently, Fisher Bikes is now the Gary Fisher Collection by Trek.


2 Responses

  1. I know that the general theory here is Fisher gets a bigger product push. But really if Fisher is going to be completely absorbed, I think Trek will come out smelling like a rose. Imagine the increased market share for Trek. Picture every thing out there right now that says Gary Fisher on it, and replace it with Trek. HUGE name recognition in the mountain biking world for them. This will be interesting to watch. Should I shelf my Fisher? Is it going to be a collectors item now?

  2. Yep, and also a huge push for Fisher. From things I’m reading and talking to my buddy at Trek it looks like Fisher wasn’t in nearly as many stores. So, now it’s a 8x boost for Fisher exposure by having him in all the Trek stores.
    I’ve seen a bunch of comment about remember Klein, Bontrager and LeMond. Well, IMO, this may not have happened so soon if LeMond hadn’t shot his own foot off. Without a road line to pair with the rest of the Fisher line, I’m sure some accounts went to Trek or something else. Then, you were either a Trek dealer or a Fisher/LeMond dealer. You could do both, but many didn’t. We were Trek and could not buy or sell anything Fisher/LeMond. oops…longwinded! LeMond did it to himself. Not sure about the other two, yet.
    Decisions, decisions! My Fisher burned in a house fire (gave to a friend) so I guess I don’t have that dilemma:)

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