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A Giant problem…


We had a customer bring in a Giant XtC SE 1 mountain bike frame that was to built up with parts from a completely different bike. The Giant XtC had an integrated headset, but it was not built into the frame. It was a piece pressed in.

So, in order to use a regular headset, one needs to pull both upper and lower pieces out.

Where you find the diameter is larger than 1 1/8″, which is the size of the headset from the other bike we’ll use. Giant does provide a resizing adapter.

So, we put them into the now empty headtube. One on top, one on bottom. Kinda reminds me of some Star Wars device.

The 1 1/8″ regular headset can now be pressed in like any other regular headset/headtube.

She ain’t pretty, but she works!

I’m posting this because I couldn’t find anything helpful online. Hope it helps someone:) Remember to have your local bike mechanic perform this!!

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