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There’s a reason the torque wrench was invented.

With the failure of several Trek  forks with carbon steerers recently, I think people will take notice of the torque wrench. In fact, I agree with the article that not only all carbon steerers need to be checked, but all stem and steerers regardless of material.

If you’re into building and/or maintaining your own bike, you will find that there are two torque wrenches to have in the tool kit. We have the TW-1 for the smaller stuff. It’s scale is easier to read, so you can be more precise. Then we have the TW-2 for the big stuff. I used to use one when I worked on aircraft in school.

If an item you are installing has torque specifications, check them. There’s a reason for them.

And filed as things I will no longer do at the shop…work on powered scooters. Argh!


3 Responses

  1. I went out and bought one when I was assembling my Xtracycle three years ago. I went to Sears and bought a Craftsman “click type”. Now I use it whenever I know what the torque value should be.

  2. I’m learning here. Take good care of your bike, and your bike will take good care of you.

  3. Haha!

    I remember reading that, Doug. I think I was using a click type on the airplanes, too. Been a long time, though.

    Mr G…glad to hear, keep it up:)

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