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Mukluk your way to Nome!

So, I was surfing around the interwebs and came across a post by Coastkid about the new snow bike from Salsa.

Wow! Aluminum frame. But the most interesting thing I found was that it’s set up to accept both the Large Marge style 4″ wheels or 29er’s. Nothing is offset. The rear hub spacing is a whopping 170mm as opposed to the 135mm of the Pugsley. However, you can put your offset snow wheels on with a handy (sold separately) adapter thingamajig.

And Salsa has put the Enabler fork on the bow of this ship. This baby has water bottle mounts already installed on the legs.

The guys at the shop asked me when I was getting one! As cool as it is, Pugs works for me. Unless Salsa wants to send one my way for hot and humid Tennessee riding. Doubt that’ll happen!


2 Responses

  1. I’m trying to get me one,
    Here is the response from my local bike shop owner.

    Hey Dave, thanks again for being patient with me. There’s alot of Buzz going on with this new snow bike! I’m waiting for a return call or e-mail from Salsa.

    I wonder when production will keep up the demand.

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