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Hammer time?!

I’ve been experimenting with what to use on board the Blue Slug during the next (hopefully my first) Trans Iowa. I had a long chat with an endurance runner at the beginning of the year when I was still working at the Hiker. His best piece of advice to survive (aside from putting in the miles) was to get my nutrition on the bike nailed down.

A lot of what I’ve tried so far has set a bit heavy or even sour in my stomach. All except Nuun. However, Nuun is only an electrolyte replacement. So, I read some more and talked to a couple of riders from the shop and Hammer Nutrition came up. I did more reading and I guess because they use complex carbs instead of simple sugars in their products the sour stomach doesn’t happen.

Which reminded me, back in my 20’s I used to eat donuts or other sugary objects before going on a long mountain bike ride. BONK! BARF!

I’ve been trying some of the Hammer stuff and so far so good. I’m going to continue with it. Stomach problems gone, I seem to have the energy when I’m done (or more to the point I don’t fight to stay alert on the drive home), and everything has a light taste. Haven’t found a flavor I don’t like. (Still trying the gels, I bought the trial set of gel packs that contains one of each flavor)

It’s looking like I will rely mostly on the Hammer stuff and maybe carry some Nuun as it’s easy and not messy. On the longer rides throughout the fall/winter, I’ll also toss in some convenience store junk to see what happens (scary).

I’ve used the HEED and Hammer Gels…I will try the Perpetuem or Sustained Energy on longer rides in the future. Most of my rides have been around the 1.5 hour time frame to date.

Now, back to riding the Blue Slug (I was going to call it the Blue Bullet, but let’s be real, I’m not anywhere near the speed of ludicrus. Let alone fast!)

See some peeps on the Virginia Creeper this Sunday!


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  1. Usually anything over 50, seems I gotta pack a snack.

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