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A Crankset is a Crankset?

Apparently not.

The untimely lesson learned this week had to do with the installation of a new crankset on a bike in the shop. Basically, the crankarms had stripped out, it was a square taper set-up. What is this thing called square taper? There you go. Yeah, it’s an oldie but a goodie.

So, for some reason, we couldn’t find any of our distributors with a SRAM/Truvativ crankset in stock. So, we ordered a comparable Shimano model.

It came in. It did not go on all the way…due to bottoming out on the bottom bracket shell of the frame.

Upon closer inspection, the Shimano had a high profile spider (the arms going out where the chainrings bolt on, not being flush or close to being flush with the hole where the BB goes into the crankarm(the backside)) whilst the Truvativ had a fairly low profile to it.

After banging our heads a bit (figuratively) the answer was to put a BB with a slightly longer spindle in.

Would this solve the problem? Yes. Would this cause a new problem of the front derailler not being able to swing out far enough to move the chain onto the large chainring?

Was it worth it to take the time to try it even if it doesn’t work? Apparently so.

Thankfully, the front derailler had enough throw. Actually, it worked pretty well!

Next repair!

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