I finally got to see my first in the flesh BMC bicycle at our shop a couple of weeks ago. This customer now rides with the guys after work from time to time.

Why do I care, you ask? For those who don’t know, earlier this year my cousin found out that we’re related to Jeff Louder of the BMC Pro Racing Team. Naturally, I took an interest in the bike he’s racing.

Today I also got a phone call from his grandma. Cool gal! She’s going to send me some pics.

So, of course I surfed around on the BMC website looking at the bikes. Take a look at this page. The first three bikes look like interesting gravel grinder bikes (I like flat bars). Especially the first two, as they have true road gearing. Now, it states that you can have either 700c or 26″ wheels. And an eccentric BB. Do these two go together? Or, do you choose one wheel size. I know eccentrics are good for single speeds. Maybe BMC will answer the question.

hmmm…I need to see about getting some BMC pics for the store?!


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  1. I have three things to say about “this page”


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