A New Plan.

Still super busy at the shop and my duties at CAP are ever increasing.

But now it’s time to blog a bit.

I’ve been thinking very hard about Trans Iowa v7. Should I or should I not? I’ve been riding the bike a lot more this year. Financially, I’m not positive about making the trip this year. These are just at the top of my mind.

So, it boils down to a plan.

My plan is for me to be ready, with increasing milestones along the way, by the time TIv8 is afoot.

My first milestone is a century. Followed by a double century.

Yeah, I know, I’m like a kid with big eyes that thinks she can just go do anything. Which may have been the downfall of me if I continued thinking about TIv7.

But, it is that one thing I want to do…even if I do no other.

I’m still working out the details  between the double and TIv8.


2 Responses

  1. If you can get to the double, and complete, you will be ready to rock and roll TI.
    The spirit of the race, any race, adds the extra.

  2. […] my dedicated, fine readers know, I have reorganized my riding goals. I might include English Mountain as a goal once I see how next season goes. Haven’t figured […]

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