Blog Vacation is finally over!!

It would seem that I took a long blog vacation. I didn’t set out to do that. But it’s been a nice break.

I’ve been able to refocus myself.

As my dedicated, fine readers know, I have reorganized my riding goals. I might include English Mountain as a goal once I see how next season goes. Haven’t figured out where to fit it in.

I will probably be working even less over the winter. What can I say, it’s the area. Which means I will have more time for my other project. Trying to get all my ducks in a row with my cohort to get it up and running by the end of January. More on that at a later date.

So, I’m back at it for real! I will plan on a once a week post for now. Unless something comes up. As you see to the left I have a twitter account. And I’m on there a lot.

With today being the day of resetting our clocks, it reminds me of a recent re-discovery of the power of the Princeton Tech Apex Pro.

Some friends and I have been riding after work and it’s pretty much dark most of the ride. Two of us (I being one) have had close calls on the bike path with turning vehicles. It crosses several roads along the way. It made me think that if I had my helmet light on it would give me the advantage of being able to shine a light in the vehicles direction and get the driver’s attention before I get smushed. I don’t want to blind anyone, nor would I advocate it, but I’d rather not get hit!

My set-up before the Apex.

Front light..Planet Bike Blaze 2.0…believe me, it’s bright!

Rear light…Planet Bike Superflash…also known as the Espresso Rear Blinky.

Other…Alien red LED blinker on my helmet (P.S. Topeak-please put longer velcro in to use on helmets)…I just like aliens!

The Apex is a light that I could use all by itself for the front. It’s just that bright (realize that you can dim it or have it flash). In conjunction with my handlebar mounted Blaze, using the low power setting is plenty of light.

I’ve also added my Fibre Flare for side visibilty to go along with the fact that I never took my wheel reflectors off (My Specialized Crosstrail Sport).

Overkill, you say? Remember that I do live in a tourist town in the South. No one is paying attention!

I leave you with this cool video from Iceman Cometh.

Until next time…get your butt on your bike! I am.

(No, I don’t get paid for these product plugs. I just use ’em!)


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