I know it’s old news but…

I was just reading this and my mind starting churning.

I know this country is predominately car-centric, but weren’t the roads originally built due to some advocates looking for better bicycle transportation?Had it not been for these bicycle advocates, the ball wouldn’t have started the roll.

Also, the notion that bicyclists do not pay the taxes that end up paying for our transportation infrastructure.

Aren’t many states conducting the building or re-building of transportation infrastructure right now to get the job force moving and the economy rolling? If this is the case, why wouldn’t it be beneficial to build it for autos, bicycles and walkers?

Living in a tourist community, and even living in a bigger town (not tourist) it seems that when I encounter a bike/walking friendly area that place is booming with business.

Look at what the Indianapolis Greenway system has done for the neighborhoods on it. Found this report.

Why are so many people offended by the fact that they may have to slow down for a minute or less to safely share the roads with a bicyclist?

And that old ride on the sidewalk business. Yes, sidewalks were made for….walking…sideWALKS…get it? Most sidewalk looking things are not to be ridden on by any type of vehicle. That is, unless it is a designated bike path. All states are different so look it up, but here in Tennessee it’s the law. It was when I lived up in Indiana.

No, I don’t have a problem if someone wants to drive their vehicle on the road. It’s for both of us. And yes, I do drive a vehicle on the same roads I ride.


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  1. Is the soapbox I can get on and speak volumes about. Letting bicyclist bicycle, encouraging bicyclists to bicycle, sharing the road with us, roadbuilding to allow us our space, ok, ok, I better stop, you said it well Marla

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