A funny thing happened…

while on Facebook.

I know many don’t use the FB, but I’ve come to like it if only for the connections to people from the past I have made. And I have made another one.

Yesterday I was on reading a friend’s page. For those of you who have been reading awhile you will recall that I lost a very good friend to cancer a couple of years ago. I was on one of her son’s pages.

She has another son, her youngest, who I have been friends with as long as her. We all rode bicycles together. I haven’t seen him in almost 10 years or spoken with him for 7 or 8 of those.

You see, he’s in the military. He moves around and has been out of the country a lot. That’s normal.

So back to his brother’s page. I had a thought to check his friends. I’m always looking to see if his little brother will pop up.

He did. Though not with his name…but his picture. He wasn’t allowed until now.

So, I friended him. He accepted within minutes. He immediately sent me a message and it was back and forth a few times. Today I actually got to chat with him.

This made me very happy:)


One Response

  1. You here a lot of negativity regarding the social connections via the internet, it is good to hear one of the good stories.

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