Past bike memory and other news…

I was reading Kent’s blog re-post and the bike reminded me of this one.

This used to be our “shop bike” and when my boss wanted to get rid of it I said the magic words. I think it had a caliper brake on the front and a canti on the back. The wheels had been changed, size, and the front fork replaced to handle this change. I’d like to say I remember what it went from, but I don’t. It had a six or seven speed on the back and a single up front. The ride was a little whippy.

Sadly, this bike is gone. First, I gave it to my cousin in need of transportation. He unfortunately gave it to someone else, though not by choice. It was back to walking for him.

I never did see the bike again. Hope whoever lifted it got some good use out of it.


And for the other news:

I once again have neglected this blog. Here’s my excuse…I was promoted in Civil Air Patrol to Deputy Commander. My paperwork load just got larger!

Enough for now…see you out on the road soon!


4 Responses

  1. I love the simplicity of some of the older bikes. I wish I would have kept every bike I’ve owned.

  2. I ride a bike like that to work, gets the job done.
    Oh, and I hope the bike thief falls off and breaks his neck.

    • It did get the job done. Many a pizza was picked up on that bike for the shop!

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