A View From The Bike Shop.

Yes, we have a junkyard next door. Some interesting vehicles in there!

I’m still on the winter work schedule. Looks like the spring/summer schedule may be coming soon! Looking forward to that.

It also looks like I’ll be transitioning as a Volunteer in the Smokies from Trail Maintenance to Bike Patrol in Cades Cove! It’s a once a week gig for now.

And my other volunteer gig, CAP, is taking up a lot of time. More than it should. Hoping to get some things under control there soon!

And last, I’m back to swimming at the community center. Very good stress relief! Maybe I should try my camera out, it’s supposed to be waterproof! Hmm…


3 Responses

  1. Great pictures! Good for you on the swimming. Maybe I should start doing that too. Gotta be good for the upper body right? Took your advice and was going to get my whole rear wheel re-laced, but it was cheaper to just buy a new wheel. Thanks.

  2. Bike Patrol would be awesome.
    I love swimming, shame I gotten away from it for so long. Used to lap swim at the Y a mile a day before work, was such a stress relief.

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