Rumors of my demise…


I am coming out of my funk once again. It would seem another round of the crud hit me. Blah! Then before that I made a quick trip up north to see a family member…surgery and stage 1 Alzheimers.

But enough about that.

Tomorrow I am starting back riding after work! We had temps in the 70’s and sunshine today. Tomorrow looks like another good one.

This past weekend I put some elbow grease into the GT Interceptor I picked up over the winter. It’s looking good…will post a pic when it’s done.


This seems to be the one place I go to get the latest info on bikes, aerospace and current events. It’s amazing how one can get connected to others with 140 characters. It also has kept me from the blog thing.

The other thing that has kept me from the blog, besides a winter off the bike, has been the stuff rolling around in my head. I’m just not sure anyone cares about it since this blog has mostly been about bikes. So, if from time to time you see posts not related to the bike, well, it’s gonna happen.


Let me say, the service work at the shop has been unreal. Is it due to the economy or the impending high gas prices? No idea. We had these prices a couple of years ago and it made a small difference. But not like this!

Now, if I could stop pulling apart perfectly fine hubs!

But I like mashing grease into the bearings!

Clean Bottle…

sent the shop a bottle to try before we buy. My boss said I could be the tester of the product this time. I wonder if that has anything to do with the cultures growing in my other bottles?

I’ll do my best;)

I Won Something!

Yep! Facebook paid off. I put my name in for a book from Apogee Books and sure enough, they drew my name! This makes the second thing I’ve ever won. A pair of movie tickets when I was 10 being the first.

So, it seems though I’ve been laying low that I’ve kept myself occupied. Here’s to posting more often!



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  1. ahhhh, nice to see you surface…

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