I’ve encountered my first department store 29er…

and it looks like the above photo.

After work I rode my bike down the bike path to Patriot Park in Pigeon Forge. It was my first ride since getting over the crud of last week. I tried out my Clean Bottle for the first time on the bike. My main concern was flow through the valve and squeezability of the bottle. Flow is pretty good, but now I have one of the new Purist bottles with the giant nozzle. It’s comparable to a standard Specialized water bottle, in my opinion.  Squeezing the bottle wasn’t too bad either. Again, I’d have to rate it in the middle of the road category. But these are first impressions for me. It’ll really matter in the heat of the summer when I’m dying for a drink and my frustration level goes up. As far as the cleaning, well it is easy. We’ll see how long the seals last. I’ll pop back to it from time to time here.

Yes, the Clean Bottle was a freebie. Sent to our shop to see if we want to purchase and sell.

What’s new on the Crosstrail?

Yes, a kickstand. Getting it ready for use on bike patrol in Cades Cove this summer.

Out and About in Sevier County

Now for what I see as a typical view of the area I work and play. Mt LeConte is in the background with the Dollywood parking lot in front. Aren’t the mountains beautiful?!

I’m beat. Off to bed early, as I get back to swimming in the morning.


2 Responses

  1. I’ll be looking for your 5 Star bottle rating. Most of mine sooner or later leak. Also in the hot summer rides I like to pack 32 ouncers and I haven’t found many in that size.

    • I just read a review of the Clean Bottle in one of the mags and they said they filled it up and stood on it. No leaking. Trying to think of ways to get it to leak or stink it up and see how clean I can get it.

      Yeah, I just saw Camelback released a 25 oz chill bottle….that’s as big as I’ve seen. If you can get a Nalgene to fit a cage they make….http://www.nalgene-outdoor.com/store/detail.aspx?ID=60

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