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I have been riding…

a lot this past week. Tomorrow I have my first on the bike training for the Cades Cove bike patrol. 5am will come a bit soon! And then a second session on Wednesday morning, which is the first day of the bike/hike only closure of the loop for the summer.

I hope to remember to take a pic or two and post it/them. But, I don’t guarantee it that early!


I’ve continued using all three of my new to me water bottles. The Clean Bottle, Gel-Bot and Purist.

So far, I have to say I dig the Purist the most. I love the huge nozzle and the fact that it never tastes like plastic. If they come out with an insulated one, that would be the best. I have one I use for my daily water and one I use to put Hammer Recoverite in. Once in awhile I put one of those drink single serving pouches in the water one. After a quick rinse, it doesn’t seem to keep the taste of whatever was in it.

The Clean Bottle. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d like it due to it not being as squeezable as my Camelback bottles (insulated and not). So far, this doesn’t seem to be a problem. It’s a bit more of a standard flow nozzle. No leaking what-so-ever. Even the top and bottom lids do not seem to leak. It is amazingly easy to clean and it dries quickly. And it’s easy to get a sponge into it. I usually mix some Hammer HEED in it. I think I really need to put something super sugary in it, leave it in for awhile and see how clean it is in the end. that may be my next test. Any ideas for such a liquid?

The Gel-Bot. What can I say? I’ve been using this one for on the bike water and Hammer gel in the insert. I thought it would be weird to use, but I really like the gel bit. One thing I had to get used to was squeezing the bottom section of the bottle only. The small upper section contains the gel insert, so if I squeeze to get water, not much comes out. Now, to get the gel out, you close the nozzle and suck on it. I do rinse it out after I’ve used all the gel, which is for me about 2-3 rides, and it hasn’t clogged. Some gel residue did reside in it, but the water blew most of it out. The only drawback…the nozzle leaked the water portion once when I was trying to get the water out. The next time it didn’t, so that may have been user error.

I’ll post another update on the bottles later into the summer. Have a good one and ride your bike!

Nifty handlebar coming down the pipe

A Thomson, to be exact.

P.S. No on is paying me or compensating me for this. Just wanted to try out some newer bottles. Though I wouldn’t be upset if it ever happened! However, I can get free product from Hammer if you decide to buy from this link.


2 Responses

  1. Nice review on the bottles, I have seasonal changes on what is my favorite bottle. Now that the heat is coming I pack 32 oz Zefal and 4 of em, when the temps get hotter.

  2. Never used the Zefal. May have to look into those. I definitely like insulated bottles in the heat!

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