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Why I never subscribed to the almighty twist shifter

I vaguely remember when I tried the first twist shifter in our shop many moons ago. And I remember not ever wanting to do that again! Just a wonky idea. Long throw, grip short, not crisp, pain in the butt replacing cables. Some customers complained about accidentally shifting while just holding on to the grips.

It also aggravated my wrist( injury from before). So, I never put a set on my bike.

That was, until Sachs came out with twist shifters. I ended putting a set of these on my Zaskar. All the complaints were answered.

But, those shifters disappeared.

I learned later that SRAM had indeed bought them, or at least the design and incorporated it into their line. But, by this time, I had re-discovered the joy of rapidfire shifting. And no wrist issue.

To this day, I still hate changing out cables.

It reminds me of the difference of an aircraft engineer and mechanic. The engineer designs an engine for performance. However, seeing as this person doesn’t usually work on the engine down the road, it falls to the mechanic to later figure out how to reach a component by making a special tool to get in to small areas. Or figure out what component needs to be removed first to get to the one needing work.

I know, that’s a little overkill. But you get the idea.

Now, I will say, I love SRAM trigger shifters more than any out there.

Well, not X-4. And yes, I have told our rep about it and exactly why.

So, the moral of this little story? Hmm…I guess that I will continue using trigger shifters and curse under my breath when changing out a twist shift cable!



2 Responses

  1. Good article. I am going to try something. I am removing my twist shifters, and bar that came with my FatBack, and trying a drop bar with Shimano STI shifters, seems my shoulders and hands can endure all day rides better with such.

    • I understand. Getting the ‘cockpit’ correct is so important. Though, I seem to lean the flat bar way.

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