Boy is it hot!

I spent this past Wednesday doing the ol’ bike patrol thing in Cades Cove.

It started with me seeing lightning on the drive in, which turned into torrential downpour/flooding halfway there. And ended up with us huddled under the orientation shelter at the beginning of the loop waiting for the rain to stop.

The weather guy said it’d be 7am. Well, he was right. That is if he meant it would rain harder!

It stopped around 8am.

I was second into the loop and since the first guy was going halfway around to the Visitor Center non-stop, that meant I would go non-stop to the wildlife overlook just before the VC.

I saw a lot of deer, and many were bucks.

I then rode to Cooper Hill (the first “please walk your bike…it’s a doozie!”) and finally on to the VC. By the time I got done with my business there, two of the other guys arrived. We had the task of contacting the bike rental people because one of their customers had a flat (and it was now after 10am….which means people can drive through the loop). One of our guys waited at the VC to see what happened with it while two of us rode on.

Somehow three of us ended up at the Lawson cabin to hang out in case of mama and her three cubs making an appearance. Nothing.

So, we then moved along one at a time to spread out. I climbed the hill just before the Tipton place and stopped in front of the spring house at the bottom of the hill to take a picture with the Raleigh.

Apparently, within a few minutes of me leaving this area, a 1 1/2 hour bear jam evolved.

This was also when I found out I yet again had a dead radio and one of the other guys had a radio that only received…if you were within 1/4 mile of the other radios! Ah, technology!

So, the rest of the time for me was spent on chatting with visitors (the Wisconsin family was fun!) and working a couple of short deer jams. (No, the deer weren’t short!)

Did I mention it was above 100 degrees F with the heat index? Did I also mention the ice cream at the camp store was great? Mmmm!

Find of the Day:

Interesting mushroom. Not sure what it is, but it’s the only one I’ve seen.


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  1. That mushroom looks like a salt shaker…

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