A simple adjustment.

Wow, I’ve been spending most of my riding time on the new Raleigh. Getting it all tweeked for comfort so it can become the new Xtracycle donor. I spent a bunch of time on the KarateMonkey version trying to tweek it and, well, still just too small. I am so happy with the way my Raleigh rides…it’s amazing.

So amazing that I have stepped back to look at my Crosstrail, that which I compare everything to, and made a simple change.

I put my old layback Thomson seatpost from the KM on. Perfection! So far.

Just unbelievable.

Well, I have more thoughts rambling in my head, but going to collect them a little more and post later.

Keep riding!


2 Responses

  1. That’s so great when a bike fits ‘just right’ I am altering my FatBack snow bike to mimic my Xcross in fit. Changing handlebars, shifter, brakes, stem, the reason being, my XCross lets me ride all day every day with mimimal discomfort during and afterwards. So now I want my snowbike to match that.

    • I completely understand what you’re saying. I’m still in the process to finding that perfect ride…and I think I’m close! I will say, I’ve learned a lot about it all by researching geometry and getting my fit dialed in!

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