It’s a new year…

and I’ve taken the first couple of weeks to get myself in order.

At this time of the year we cut back hours at the shop…so I have a little more time for other things.

I have gotten myself a good start at my eating habits and getting back into the habit of consistently riding (trainer for now). I plugged myself into My Fitness Pal, and for some reason I am easily able to follow and log my food and exercise into it. I don’t know…it just works. I’ve now realized just how much brainless food I had stuffed down my pie hole! I’m also not hungry. And with the help of my “bookshelf” installed onto my trainer bike, I’m cruising along!

Current read: Omar Bradley:General at War, by Jim DeFelice.

New Product

We started carrying Nebo flashlights at the shop. I’d had some experience with them at the hiking store where I used to work. My boss decided to bring in their Redline Bike Headlight. And each of us has taken one home to try out. I’ll do some testing and shoot some pics of the light and it’s output later. So far, while playing around inside a dark room, it’s brighter than any others that I have. We’ll see!

Catch ya down the road…


2 Responses

  1. Those Nebo bike-lights look great, and well-priced too. I’ll be interested to hear how you like it.

    I use a similar system (adjustable-beam flashlight with bike-mount) by LED-Lenser but it’s only about 70 lumens!

    LED Lenser Bike Flashlight

    – Antoine

    • I finally read the little blurb on the package after I posted this and found the adjustable beam part. That’s pretty cool! I’ll definitely do a follow up post on it. I have another little Nebo 50 Lumen handheld that has been going for about 2 years.

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