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Sitting in a Coffee Shop.

The past two days have been a little dreary and I’ve felt a little like poo. So I went with my mom to a coffee shop just to get out and about.

Don’t worry, nothing contagious.

I don’t remember what got us talking about it. It occurred at the bike shop that I worked at up north.

Let me gather my thoughts for a moment

Okay. Several of us at the shop were friends with a customer and his wife. We would go riding together on the weekends when our schedules permitted. He would hang out at the shop from time to time.

We carried a certain brand of helmet that has the full price range covered, though we didn’t carry all of it. We were a little more picky on the upper end. And even though we didn’t carry all models, we had no problem ordering any helmet for a customer.

So we did. In fact, we had ordered 2 different models so she (said wife) could get the one that fit the best.

Now, I’ve never had a problem with customers ordering a product that we couldn’t get. We’ve all done it. I know customers order elsewhere when they find a deal. It happens. In general, our customers bought from us locally.

So, the helmets come in. She stops in and tries them both on. Not sure why (I wasn’t there) but she doesn’t pick one up right then.

The next time we go riding, she’s wearing the helmet she picked.

The two helmets were still waiting at the shop.

We were told she had found them cheaper online and just wanted to try them on somewhere. Yes, she never had the intention of buying one from us!

With that thought in mind, I also know customers have come in and tried something on just to buy it online. But, it was product we already had in stock. Not saying this is acceptable, as it does waste time, but it doesn’t blatently waste as much money.

We stopped special ordering for them without payment up front, btw.

So, I’m wondering what others think about the situation. Would you or have you done this?

Myself, no. If someone spends that much time and effort to get something I so desire and a proper fit, I’m going to pay a little extra for that service.

On a different note

I was live tweeting Stage 1 of the Tour Down Under and heard my name in Adelaide Radio ABC. I may have geeked out a little.


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