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I think I am back…if anyone is around

So, it seems that it’s been since January that posted anything. A brief rundown….my back started spasms and is now okay, though I do watch out for it….I started a successful garden and managed to mangle my leg in the process, it is back to normal now….and my dad has gotten sick again, he is better. That’s it in a quick nutshell.

This means that I have sadly been off the bike for more months than I care to count. Today was my first day back on. A quick 30 minute spin. 

Before I stopped riding I had put a severely high degree of sweep handlebar on my Crosstrail. Also, a Fargo rigid fork. And a new saddle. I had my reasons at one point, so now I get to see if it was all worth it.

this will be a quick post, but I intend to check in more often now. And hope that my rear gets used to a bicycle seat again!


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