Motion Makers Bike Shop



imageWell, the shop I had visited in my last post is now the shop that I work at. And I couldn’t be happier! I will post more as I go. 


Metamorphosis of the Karate Monkey…


Originally built as a 29er singlespeed.



Then hooked up to an Xtracycle…the XtraMonley or Garbage a Cycle.


And now as a 9speed pavement commuter/fun bike.


With what today is called a trekking bar…or Glen bar back in the 90’s.

It needs a new name…

I have completed the deconstruction of the XtraMonkey (Karate Monkey Xtracycle version) and it’s now attached to my Raleigh Talus. When picking up garbage, it’s still the Garbagacycle. But otherwise…what? A friend said Talus sounds Star Wars/Star Trekish. Maybe the XtraSpeeder. I don’t know…any thoughts out there?

Project Balance is complete!

To refresh anyone’s mind…original Project Balance post.

I had been procrastinating on this one. The bike is a smidge too big for me so I kept it on the backburner until now. A friend’s son is heading off to college, so hopefully this will get him to classes.

Project Balance

I finally found a front wheel to use. I also had some more comfort oriented 26″ tires to slap on. With the addition of a Surly fork, threadless headset, riser bars, threadless stem and some pedals, this baby is ready to roll!

It actually rides quite well. The drivetrain consists of 3×7 speed Grip Shifters, Shimano STX front derailleur and LX rear. The rear wheel is something I would have liked to hold onto. It has a Ringle 3D violet hub! I know, but it’s in my blood!

Well, on to the next thing!

A simple adjustment.

Wow, I’ve been spending most of my riding time on the new Raleigh. Getting it all tweeked for comfort so it can become the new Xtracycle donor. I spent a bunch of time on the KarateMonkey version trying to tweek it and, well, still just too small. I am so happy with the way my Raleigh rides…it’s amazing.

So amazing that I have stepped back to look at my Crosstrail, that which I compare everything to, and made a simple change.

I put my old layback Thomson seatpost from the KM on. Perfection! So far.

Just unbelievable.

Well, I have more thoughts rambling in my head, but going to collect them a little more and post later.

Keep riding!

My new winter project…


A 1989 GT Interceptor. Good shape, so won’t need a lot. I will pull all the bearings apart and hopefully only repack. Needs new tires, grips and seat. The grips are disgusting, I can literally stick my finger on one and wipe it off….it’s all gooey!

Fun, fun!

There’s a reason the torque wrench was invented.

With the failure of several Trek  forks with carbon steerers recently, I think people will take notice of the torque wrench. In fact, I agree with the article that not only all carbon steerers need to be checked, but all stem and steerers regardless of material.

If you’re into building and/or maintaining your own bike, you will find that there are two torque wrenches to have in the tool kit. We have the TW-1 for the smaller stuff. It’s scale is easier to read, so you can be more precise. Then we have the TW-2 for the big stuff. I used to use one when I worked on aircraft in school.

If an item you are installing has torque specifications, check them. There’s a reason for them.

And filed as things I will no longer do at the shop…work on powered scooters. Argh!