Took a Short Trip to Sylva Today

I decided that I would make the short drive down to Sylva, NC today to visit Motion Makers Bicycles. The owner, Kent, used to be the Specialized rep early on at the shop I most recently worked at.

Picked up another pint glass to add to my collection and got a bunch of recommendations fro pubs, coffee shops, and places to eat. 

Then I headed up to Waynesville. I got off the highway and took Old Balsam Road which goes by an apple orchard I wanted to check out. I didn’t stop this time, waiting for relatives to visit and go out there with them. But I did stop at Clyde’s for lunch and had the best 1/2 pound burger that I have had in a long time!

Once I finally got home I took some time to finish digging the drainage ditch around back and clear the one on the front corner of the property. Seeing as there is a possibility of more rain from the storm Joaquin. We’re ready to go now.

Took Albert out to Lake Junaluska a little while ago. We walked along the lake and came back to where we parked…there happens to be a coffee/ice cream shop there. So an ice cream cone for me and a bottle of water for Albert on their back deck facing the lake sitting on rocking chairs. 

I should sleep well tonight!


A Great Time Was Had in Maryville

We fired up the jalopy, Mom and I, and pointed her West. Off to the Ville of Mary.

Our first stop was to visit an old neighbor with a new child. As Mom busied herself with the newborn and mother, I enacted my brilliance of lowering my mental age to hang out with a 3 year old.

We played catch with a squishy basketball. Then the Tonka service station was brought out, where the top level became a “microwave”. Over to the mini-trampoline, then playing guitar and singing (him, not me!). Somewhere along the way the old snotty nose would rear it’s ugly head (him, not me).

3 year old’s mother, “Get a tissue, don’t use your shirt!”

To which the 3 year old wiped it on his shirt. This happened 3-4 times.

Here’s where I step in with my brilliance.

“Hey, 3 year old, wanna wipe your nose with a tissue and then go flush it?”

“Yeah!” Let’s just say their water bill may go up this month!

Next, the coffee house…

After the visit, Mom and I head over to the Vienna Coffee House. A place where they roast their own beans, bake their own pastries, make their own lunch items. Click the link to see the place.

On the menu for today was a creamy chicken & rice soup (fantastic), pimento cheese sandwich on wheat (homemade again), lava cake (divine), and my raspberry white mocha. This is my favorite away from home coffee house…sorry still love my Tin Roof Cafe…and I’ll be back. An added bonus is the fact that a block over one can pick up the Maryville Greenway and ride to wherever.

Next trip grab riding pal and hit the pavement.

By the way, did I mention that I’ve actually been working at loosing some weight? Simple plan, watch what calories I put in and what I bun. If I go over, I adjust how long I need to exercise (ride my bike). I make some better choices, but mostly eat what I want.


Yeah, so I’ll pop in with some numbers from time to time. At the moment, I’ve lost 9 pounds and don’t intend to find them.

Hope you’re all having a good ‘winter’ of riding…catch ya later!