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So, I thought I’d add a little to this page. There are basically two things that get me going. Bicycles and aerospace.

As a kid I used to scream at airplanes in the night sky. I had no idea what they were. Fast forward to college and you find me studying aviation technology and flying airplanes. At some point in high school I knew I was going to become not only a pilot, but an astronaut. So, during this time time I also enrolled in AFROTC.

I’ve always loved bicycles. I can barely remember the time before riding one. And when it came time to look for a job, bike shop employee was always at the top of the list.

So, during my time at school I took a composite class. It was here I really saw where the two loves shared a common thread. Literally. Oh yeah, that aerodynamic stuff applies, too!

Well, due to me not being the perfect specimen for the military, let alone an astronaut…I fumbled around a bit. And found my place at a bike shop…finally!

I worked at a bike shop out of college for about ten years. Mostly sales and a lot of the ordering. Making sure that special orders were timely as well as the parts for repairs. I also helped decide what bikes to stock during our preseason ordering. And I built new bikes, as time allowed. A little of the mechanical work, but not much.

A family medical crisis brought me to Tennessee where I spent the next five years at an outdoors store 21′ from the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In 2008, I started helping my LBS build bikes very part time in the spring and fall. My job at the outdoor store came to a quick end, sadly. I now work all the time at the LBS. And I love it. I mostly do the mechanical stuff…learning as I go..build bikes and sell a little. Oh yeah, I ride my bike, too!

My previous blog was gatlinburgspokejunkie.blogspot.com. You can reach me at twitter.com/Marla_Gnarla or                                   on Google +Marla Gnarla.

I’d like to thank Kevin for getting this site started for me. Nothing like hanging out at the Fox and Parrot coming up with ideas!

Join me and the next thing that pops into my mind!



10 Responses

  1. Yay for Gnarla!!!!!! I’m very much looking forward to following your journey.

  2. O.K. Miss Gnarla Wonka, time to do your stuff! I see a whole line of Smoky Mountain chocolates, so much better than the crap sold on the strip! You already have the Hellbender, now how about the LeConte, the Hiker, the black bear, the backpack, the Elk scat, the Trillium, the Dogwood, the hiking boots, the tent…etc.

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  4. Gnarla….you rock!

  5. I was wondering if a bike ride to Elkmont – Little River Trailhead is possible to view the fireflies. The trolley is not my desired mode of transportation and I don’t know the area or restrictions and would like to find out if that is possible or it there is a better way to see them?

    • The National Park has tightened up a lot of things in the last two years. Honestly, I haven’t tried it, I usually avoid the area due to the craziness of it all. But, if you cal 865-436-1200 I think there is a number once you’re in to the phone tree where you can talk to a live human and find out for sure. Or, if it gives you a # for the back country office(where you get permits at) they would know. Hope that helps!

  6. Good to see someone else on a bike in Sevier County…not many of us to be sure!

    Cool blog, just started mine and ran into yours looking for cycling stuff

  7. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we’ll talk about it.


    Mandie Hayes

    • Hi Mandie,
      Sorry, but I’ve taken my email address down. I have a contact through Twitter or you can comment here. What is your website? I’ll have a look, but no promises.

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